The Presumptions specialize in music from way back now -
songs from every decade of rock and roll, played with a Texas accent.

But It's difficult to say when it all started.  

Lead guitarist Chris Rippy and drummer Matt Stanberry were the first two band members
to pick up instruments; on the other hand, Chris and singer/rhythm guitarist Stephen Rippy
were the first to be related.  Bill Jackson is a relative newcomer, adding his fluid basslines
to the mix sometime around the turn of the century.  Add it all up, and you get
something like 75 years of experience between them.

Anyway, this we know:  with a repertoire that includes songs by such acts as The Beatles,
R.E.M., Tom Petty, Cheap Trick, and Elvis Costello (along with just a hint of
original material), The Presumptions are ready to be the life of your party.

Drop us a line at
or call (469) 667-7252.