Show me around
Your new place
Everything has changed for you now
Accept, embrace

You've got everything you want
And you want all that you've got
Is it hard for you to handle?
Well, sometimes more than not

Button your coat
Against the cold
Don't stay in the sun for too long
Or you might catch old

All the things you know
All the things you show to me
Turn colors every season
And come back annually

What a year it's been!
Thicken up your skin
Wind up that watch
And start it all again

Look up the rules
And try to play
They're complicated, but you pick up
Something every day

You're still learning to run
While they're watching you fall
But you make it look like life
Is not difficult at all
No, not at all

It's starting to get late
Let's call it a day
This notebook is empty
And there's nothing left to say


From:  1100111000
Released:  November, 2000