Can you wait a minute longer?
Let me see you one last time before you go
Yeah, we've been here before
But that doesn't make it easier, you know

I see you through the window
Give a broken smile as I wave goodbye
And I see you in the mirror
Getting smaller as you start to cry

Jump on a plane on a beautiful day
Across an ocean, light years away

I don't want to get too sentimental
Don't want to trip over my tongue
I'm only passing time as I wait for your voice
Across the line on which I'm strung

What's going through your mind?
Can you hear my voice across the centuries
Or in the falling of the rain?
Because these days, you're all that my mind sees

Travel through time on a beautiful day
Aim for the sunrise light years away

It's been a hard month without you
Tell me that you're in a better day
Call me from the future
And from back here I'll meet you halfway

From:  Segue
Released:  May, 1998