I like the way you tie your hair back
Highlighted by the hint of dawn
I keep it to myself
And know better than to ask
Who you were before the borders were drawn

We meet in secret after sunset
Exchanging currency and files
A cry of distant dogs
When the floodlight hits the woods
Well, your touch is worth the risk of those miles

Squeeze my hand and then
Disappear again
Slipping past some point of no return

Things fell to pieces in slow motion
Right there to see from years away
Pushed to the precipice
On a wave of wind-up jaws
Each one with some poisonous thing to say

And their misspent words
They were all we heard
Falling past some point of no return

Chose a side before I knew I had a choice
Spoken for until I learned to use my voice
Mainland static covers any other sound
But you and I can live again
In the silence underground

Styrofoam cup of cold black coffee
I take it semi-hypnotized
Remembering a time
I could cross the county lines
And this place was somewhere I recognized

In the open air
Neither here nor there
Drifting past some point of no return

From:  Mainland Static
Released:  May, 2014