The blessing and the curse
Of living in interesting times
Something’s wrong, something’s wrong
With the thinking
For better or for worse
This is an impossible climb
Can it fly?  Can it fly?
Feels like sinking

Hope the landing’s soft
Can hardly stay aloft
With the air on fire

Next to a monolith
Of messages meant to malign
Who are you?  Who are you
To raise your hand?
Like running a race
With a parachute opened behind
Can’t move on, can’t move on
Past where you stand

Winded from it all
It’s hard to breathe or call
With the air on fire

Don’t mind the drinking, baby
It’s not a permanent thing
Climb down to this mood with me
And we’ll ride out the swing

Tough to know where we are
When everything is a crisis
Magnified, magnified
Out of balance
Who thought we’d go so far,
Left to our own devices?
Burning off, burning off
Time and talent

It’s a national bruise
Addicted to bad news
Now the air’s on fire
Can’t catch a breath with the air on fire

(A million points, a thousand days
That could have gone a different way)

From:  Memory Device
Released:  March, 2006