Moonrise or a streetlight
From the backseat
Does it matter either way?
Drifting through the distance
As the music
Leads me slowly through the day

Changing of a season
If I could, I’d keep the world
From crashing in
Hold you ‘til the moment
That you’re called
To push out further than you’ve been

I guess this thing I’m on about
Is the way we choose our diamonds from the rough
Which ones are worth the memories that we make
And which are almost just enough?

Still, what’s left to say of the passing of time
That hasn’t all been said before?
Only that it’s my turn to feel it brush by
And soon enough it will be yours

I guess what keeps me up at night
Is the way you’ll choose your diamonds from the rough
Can I be worth the memories that you’re making -
At least almost just enough?

Moonrise or a streetlight
Through a window
Shining silver at the seams
So long to the shadows
As the music
Leads you slowly to your dreams

From:  Lamplighting
Released:  December, 2019