And so we go away
New lives from a window display
My pocket’s full of Monopoly money
The weather’s cool with a chance of sunny
But it doesn’t bring us closer
No, it doesn’t bring us close to Centerville

And so we speed along
Outrun all the things we’ve done wrong
Your bag is filled up with maps and hand lotion
Well, all those things may help us cross an ocean
But they haven’t brought us closer
No, they haven’t brought us close to Centerville

Your state of mind’s not in the state of mine
From behind our own Maginot lines
Warning shots fired
Hot words aspire to a longer burn
What if we tear so much of it down we can’t return?

And so we’ll wait and see
What turns out eventually
The noisy streets and hotels of a new town
These memories collected and reduced down
I hope they bring us closer
Yeah, I hope they bring us close to Centerville

From:  Memory Device
Released:  March, 2006