A brick-and-mortar lighthouse on a concrete shore
Icicles on the ceiling and a frozen floor
People oozing freon out of every pore
Saying, "sure, my face has been this blue before"
Bring your warm jammies, 'cause it's too cold to snore
At Central Chilling Station No. 4

When the band starts playing, people ask, "what for?"
(A million teeth chattering makes quite a roar)
You can shout all you want 'cause it's loud as a war
I remember the day that my eardrums tore
Listen to the noise leak from under the door
Of Central Chilling Station No. 4

Well, the local city planners started to get sore
"It's that Central Chilling Station that we deplore
Why not clear the lot and then we'll build us a store?"
So they took some dynamite and they blew up the core
You can look all you want, but it's not there anymore
And there'll never be another place like C.C.S.4

From:  Central Chilling Station No. 4
Released:  June, 1997