Aerial view of a life
Slip through the borders of time
Somehow you get the feeling
These memories outlived their prime
Well, that shoe fits and you’ll wear it
On the one foot you keep in the past
Still only half-expecting that
The latest will be the last

Nothing quite disappears
Jump decades and leap years
It’s the magic you’ve been waiting on
But this idea, its day has come and gone

Aerial view of a life
Distance a kinetic flow
Why the rush to reminisce
With people that you barely know?
Reach out again, but to what end -
Really, can there be much left to say?
Pinwheeling cigarette sparks
That burn out along the highway

Goodbye to a good dream
As close as it can seem
To conclusions that were never drawn
‘Cause this idea, its day has come and gone

Continents drift, the universe expands
Things move apart; it’s according to plan
We lose track of the ties, far off and scattershot
Throw ourselves to the wind and find out who we’re not

From:  Memory Device
Released:  March, 2006