130 miles an hour
20,000 feet above your head
Looking down on my old hometown
The sun is shining and my eyes are red

It's quite a tug-of-war I'm waging
Between what you said and what you mean to me
It's hit-or-miss when I deal with this
So pour a drink to irony

Out of touch, is it so much
To ask if I'm okay?
Out-of-whack twisty track
That keeps you too far away

The big picture begs my pardon
Could I kindly keep my head?
A million things to do and say
But I think of you instead
Now, if the whole world crashes down
What does it mean to me?
The things I'd do for your company!

Walking about a mile an hour
20,000 leagues under the sea
Homesick scent of rain on summer pavement
Get lost in the normalcy

10,000,000 blinking lights at midnight
The big city's smaller from the sky
Looking down on my old hometown
I throw back a glass and heave a sigh

(Atlanta, GA)

From:  Tweak
Released:  October, 1999