No justice in her court of flaws
Got the book thrown right at me
A slamming door gave me the score
Hard time in solitary

So I let loose the genie trapped
In this bottle out of spite
Three wishes gone to tying on
More than just my shoes tonight

Call it self-defense
From this turn of events
A future I might have trusted
Now it’s done and dusted

Last draft of our work of friction
Every chapter some new end
nom de plume was I Need Room
I guess mine was Will Not Bend

On page after page
The fabricated rage
Held water until it rusted
But it’s done and dusted

Somewhere a sunrise
Lights the day in broken beams
She’s a paper butterfly on her way to that sky
Through a hole in my dreams

Well, I’m sure you know
The way things come and go
They’re beautiful then they’re busted
This is done and dusted

From:  Mainland Static
Released:  May, 2014