Well, what can I say
When you know me like the back of your hand?
What use is there to speak
When words will make this hard to understand?

It's the same old story
Told a million times before
It may not be a fairy tale
But the weight of it is worth so much more

Well, what's happened here?
Did you notice what was on our hands?
Relentless light and time
Maybe now they'll understand

Wake up to the same old you
I've seen a million times before
A different sort of fairy tale
Where the happy ending is worth so much more

And I'm counting on you
I'm depending on you now
Don't let me down

In your moment of weakness, I'll be strong
Be my voice of reason when I'm wrong
Please believe me when I say
My friend, my love, my life begins today

From:  Tweak
Released:  October, 1999