As if from a dream
I awoke, ‘cause I was dreaming
Dissipating clouds
Made of you, quietly streaming

If none of it was real
It doesn’t change what I feel

Someone had your face
In a crowd - so good to see you
Comfortable lie
When I knew it couldn’t be you

If you’ve never been born
It hasn’t changed the look I’ve worn

Slip back to the world that I
Can’t see when I’m awake
Your lines blur like the rest of
These memories I make

If these gray walls burned
To the ground, I would not grieve them
Wish a wasted wish
Hey - I know I’ll never leave them

At least the hurt I caused
Disappeared and never was

Colors bleed and wash away
Turn into long good-byes
Silver tower in the sky
Your life flashed before my eyes

From:  Cracks on the Eggshell, Spots on the Sun
Released:  February, 2002