1:00 AM on the road
Just-awake and fuzzy-headed
Radio mumbles quietly
Summertime slips away
And you’ve hardly taken notice
There’s one less with your family

Firefly in a jar can’t throw light too far
That’s the way it goes; it’s what you chose
Lightning bug in a box filled with leaves and rocks
You don’t shine like you could
When you can’t see the trees for the woods

You’re a guest in your home
But the bills aren’t sympathetic
It’d be nice to stay for a while
What’s the worth of a day
In a month of days just like it?
What’s an inch buried in a mile?

Marriage via phone
Is not the best situation
Whenever good sense gives way
To your imagination
Half-joking argument
Over who this hurts the most
Now, that’s no way to live
And you can’t dream of giving up the ghost

That aside, what’s the use
Of this worry you’ve invested?
(Not a lot, so it seems to me)
It may feel otherwise
But you know your life is more than  
Just a captive of industry

From:  Work Around
Released:  October, 2003