You’re beautiful and paranoid
Of black cars in the morning
Eyes peeled for a warning
From your fortune cookie horoscope
By now they’ve got your number down
Coffee, bagels, and lox
Humming to the jukebox
Good to go or so you hope

Whatever it is, it’s working

Look at all these well-dressed guys
I can’t compete with that
My blue jeans and backward hat -
Well, they’re rooted down where they belong
But it don’t seem to faze you that
My look is less than varied
The notions that I carry -
Well, they always seem to prove me wrong

And that may be why it’s working

The sights we see the least are the most evocative
The words we say the least are the most provocative
The rarity’s the thing (and, honey, when you sing
It’s like nothing that I’ve heard before)

Cracks on the eggshell, spots on the sun
Cracks on the eggshell, spots on the sun

Summer hides its threat behind the sun
But winter is much bolder
Wears danger on its shoulder
To let the world know where it stands
You’re somewhere in between the two
That quirky window dressing -
It always keeps me guessing
And I wonder if that’s not your plan

I don’t care; just so it’s working

From:  Cracks on the Eggshell, Spots on the Sun
Released:  February, 2002