No one could ever find it
But sometimes we wished they could see
You always brought your deck of cards
And I had my books with me
In an aging oak's branch above the creek
On the mossy side of the tree
We could always escape from the real world
But never the humidity

I can see your ghost out here
When the green has left the ground
And I know it's you that speaks to me
Because there's no one else around

A rotting board on a broken limb
Is all that still remains
On a tree whose destiny lies
Underneath six concrete lanes
I'll bet you saw it coming -
Life rushing at you like a speeding train
I'll never know what made you stumble
But grace's loss was gravity's gain

I can see your ghost out here
When the autumn air turns cold
And the crackle of leaves turns to the laughter
Of a voice that will never grow old

From:  Central Chilling Station No. 4
Released:  June, 1997