Oceans cut the land
Into pieces on which we stand
We gave it a try
Lost the map before the ink was dry

Heat wave settles in
How long ‘til the bloodshots begin?
A night for eyesores
All the damage makes me miss you more

Meteor shower falls on the hour
Hands out to hold back the wind
It’s my glass empire to defend

March through the malaise
This job’s never worth what it pays
Cinder blocks laid bare
Flashes hanging frozen in the air

Passing time peeling paint from the ceiling
Snapshots paid for on the lend
Were our glass empires to defend

Well, I may not be the voice of my life and times
But I’ve got a feeling it’s enough to be here
The fight and the fear
My heart hangs heavy
And you’re nowhere close to near

My long memory
Isn’t what it’s cracked up to be
Just second-hand blue
Wish I could have done better by you

Staggering from those collateral blows
Love is fragile ‘til the end
It’s a glass empire to defend

From:  Somewhere Close to Near
Released:  March, 2009