Reset my disposition
Play my poker face
This beautiful morning, my beautiful mood
Just might go to waste
A population boom
Of pretend enemies
Well, I can’t help you fight
What no one else can see

Images you’ve imagined
The qualm before the storm
The flush of your skin tells me that your mood’s
Unseasonably warm
The voices in your head
Speak louder than I can
But though you miss my cheers
I’m still your biggest fan

Saying is believing
And you’re shouting at me
It’s half past tense any time of day
You bring me to my knees
(Sitting on the fence at half past tense)

Unedited collections
Of endless echoing
Past conversations rain on your mood
And darling, you’re drowning
Anything’s a danger
Taken from context
Now every second you seem
Better than the next

(Finding words to mince at half past tense)

I want to help; I want to run
Cracks on the eggshell, spots on the sun

Like a deer in the headlights
Too mesmerized to move
I’m better off jumping, but I can’t resist
These points you want to prove
Synapses, collapses
With which it’s hard to deal
Well, I’d give anything
To change the way I feel (you feel)

(Not making any sense at half past tense)

From:  Cracks on the Eggshell, Spots on the Sun
Released:  February, 2002