A ghost came through the window
One autumn afternoon
Sheets were packed and brought along -
Don't guess it's leaving soon
Rattles from the bedroom
Rattles at the door
Breaks a glass and shoves the bits
Across the kitchen floor

I wish I wasn't home today
If I'm quiet it might go away

Well, there's a ghost in my apartment
That lives inside my mind
It pokes and prods and jumps on out
To show me what it finds
Noises from the ceiling
Noises in the wall
Peripherally, I see it
Standing in the hall

Pull the covers over my eyes
It's still there no matter what I try

And maybe it knows the way
I treat you in my head!
I'm sorry for things I've never done
And words I've never said

Well, there's a ghost that wants attention
I'm trying to avoid
It shakes the blinds and rings the phone
And makes me paranoid
Footsteps from the garage
Footsteps on the stairs
I'd give it anything to go
But I don't think it cares

I'm not sure if it will ever flee
Why can't it just let me be?
Go away and stop bothering me!


From:  1100111000
Released:  November, 2000