There it is again
That silence in the air
You want to punch my teeth in
'Cause you think that I don't care
But when I step back to look at this
All I can do is stare
And I'm sorry
'Cause I know that it's not fair

I never meant to bring you down
I never want to lose what we've found

I am the wall you're talking to
A silent barrier for you to break through
Push my buttons, pull my strings
I want more than anything
To tell you what you already knew -
I want to open up to you

There you go again
Shooting daggers from your eye
Any request my heart makes
My vocal cords deny
I hope you don't lose patience
I hope you can see why
This is hard for me
But I promise you I'll try

From:  Central Chilling Station No. 4
Released:  June, 1997