Opening the menu
Never thought I might find you
Locked eyes ‘til you looked down
Smiling to suppress your frown

The reunited class of
1947 sits between us
So what’s between us these days?
I don’t really want to meet
The business end of that glass of water
You think I oughta anyway

Tell me if I’m wrong

Bad luck at the red light
Something must have caught my sight
Hazard signals blink slow
In time with the radio

The motorcading class of
1947 passes by us
Slows down to eye us from afar
I don’t really want to meet
Those rings on your fingers if they’re swinging
Sorry for dinging your new car

Stop me if I’m wrong

(What could you do?
You bit off less than you can chew)

Find my way to your door
This address I can’t ignore
Guess I’m wasting time when
You won’t likely let me in
(Not again!)

The subdivided class of
1947 turns the lights out
And watches quite indifferently
Your welcome mat makes me smile
‘Cause I wonder if it’s not misleading
When you don’t need what we could be

Kiss me if I’m wrong

From:  Work Around
Released:  October, 2003