“The dashboard light - well, can you read by that?
I keep directions under the floor mat”
If we run, don’t end up tearing
The lovely dress you’re wearing

“Another bill to pay, but nothing changed
The showed up all at once; seems sort of strange
Conspiracy of credit
Will get you if you let it

So watch my back, baby
I know they’re here”
Don’t lose hope, honey
Lend me your fear and let me steer

“In shades of midnight blue, we won’t be found
But hold your breath - I thought I heard a sound
You laugh when I’m dramatic
But I swear it’s automatic

Now watch my back, baby
They must be near”
Don’t get up, honey
I volunteer to let me steer

(Here and now) “I see spots behind my eyes”
(Here and now) “I see shapes hang in the sky
Whatever they may be
I think they’ve come for me”

Another day, another state to see
“Another shadow follows you and me
This sort of adulation
Can ruin a vacation

So watch my back
My uncommon dear”
Grab your things, honey
Get it in gear, but let me steer

From:  Cracks on the Eggshell, Spots on the Sun
Released:  February, 2002