These fields are flat as paper
Ironed on a windowpane
They stretch in all directions
But the "up" they can't attain

Hidden mountain ranges
Floating purple in the blue
A footpath to the sky
That passes just beyond our view

Saw what I came to see
Lived what was meant for me
Won't miss words that I never spoke
This place is mirrors and smoke

This screen won't hold a picture
'Til something makes it bright
So turn around in your seat
And find the source of light

And look past this projection
Of which I have lost control
The real me will always be
The dignity in my soul

Gave what I came to give
Lived what I came to live
Don't be blinded by, don't choke
On all the mirrors and smoke

If you could see with this clarity
You wouldn't shed a tear for me

Said what I came to say
Lived by my greatest day
Pulled the curtain back and broke
The spell of mirrors and smoke


From:  1100111000
Released:  November, 2000