I can’t believe it’s been weeks
Since you tied me up in knots
You’re out sooner than I would have thought
Flashing lights through the window
Plastic bottle on the floor
What might have happened with a couple more?

I didn’t realize how far you would take it
You pushed and pulled until I couldn’t shake it
Now I don’t know who you are

Maybe you don’t remember
Just what notions led you there
Ideas even you would not want to share
Tossing, turning, and talking
In your sleep - the things you’d say!
Dead-bolted the doors; kept the world away

Who could have realized how far it would take you?
It pushed and pulled you until it could break you
Now you don’t know who you are

Watercolor morning, shades of light
Darker in the evening, oil night

One down and one remaining
Telephone’s still in my hand
Said you’d be right by; didn’t guess the plan
There’s the card that they gave me
Should I ever have to call
There’s our photograph hanging in the hall

From:  Cracks on the Eggshell, Spots on the Sun
Released:  February, 2002