Dirty window, rain cuts clean
Views to the world wet and green
Red lights on a black car
Carry you away from me
Well, I may not be driving
But it’s my liability  

I read you wrong
A touch too long
I’d have held you if I knew how
But what now?

Singing softly with a smile
I’d follow that voice for miles
Said you bought this record
‘Cause it made you think of me
Now every time it plays my
Stomach churns your memory

I read you wrong
A touch too long
Well, it kills me to take this bow
So what now?

I never told you, but dreams of you
Used to keep me up all night
I should have realized an insomniac
May not be thinking right
But second-guessing’s such a shame
I had an empty picture frame
Reserved for you the day you came
In from the dark

I read you wrong
A touch too long
I’d take it back if they’d allow
Me to now

Squint your eyes and things were fine
(I’m so tired)
Picture-perfect by design
(I’m so sorry)

From:  Cracks on the Eggshell, Spots on the Sun
Released:  February, 2002