At the long end of the day
When the darkness has its say
And when the moon throws shadows through the window
Sights no one should ever see
In red and black they come to me
Images in a violent crescendo

The fever of a moment I don’t want to claim
Believe me when I wish I’d never heard your name

Restless thoughts with time to kill
Counselors and sugar pills
They weren’t enough to stop your blood from burning
Shattered glass, knocked-over chairs
And broken cries from down the stairs
The safety catch I’d never dreamed of turning

A silence as the world fell out from under you
Forgive me for this awful thing I had to do

You stole away the season
You stole away the season

This is where the static leads
Candlelight and cable feeds
Set off another short war of contrition
Once the promises are made
Then soon enough the faces fade
And give way to the next sad exhibition

The tension lies beneath the surface like a bruise
Remind me what it is that we’re afraid to lose

From:  Mainland Static
Released:  May, 2014