Through the windshield, black raindrops
Crawl up to my sleeve
Disappear with no warning
And nothing to leave
Maybe I’ve confused myself
For whispers I hear
Subconscious gravity wants
Everything so near

There’s some kind of fascination
Pulling me time and again
But I’m trying not to make the same mistake

Soon we’ll see September
Just after August’s last
Summer’s heated promise
Will become the recent past
Fragile fall skies cry
On your shoulder like a friend
In your life you won’t take spring
For granted again

So shake off your cicada shell
Leave all that baggage behind
If you’re trying not to make the same mistake

Into the great unknown we travel
Somewhere we got the notion
To tend to stay in motion
If it’s true we can’t go home again
Then we’re not at home with ourselves
All roads lead back to ourselves

I suppose that just about
Brings us up to date
Convoluted work around
To appreciate

Step lightly; you know time has those
Ways of leaving unannounced
While we’re trying not to make the same mistake

From:  Work Around
Released:  October, 2003