Is it hot inside?
This coat is too thick
“Goodbye love, good luck”
You let me keep it quick
Make my way across the bay
There’s our home
Lit up just beyond
The seawall and foam

Sometimes I give in
Let the worries win

Disappear a bit
Once I find a seat
Drift away and see
The schoolgirl from my street
Is it true that I’ve known you
For so long?
Hide behind my hands
I’m just not this strong

Nothing for us here
Despite all my fear
On my own, on my own

I promise to make this work
Though that may not say much
I’ll send word, I’ll send money
But I can’t send a touch
And when we chance to meet again
Will you want who I am then?

Such a strange language
Laughing as we learned
Wrinkles by your eyes
A smile that I had earned
I shake free from this reverie
Time to go
Is this trip worth it?
Soon, my dear, we’ll know

From:  Work Around
Released:  October, 2003