Disillusioned, this illusion
Is fragile and shatters
I'll try to block any threat
Because I know that I'm not what matters
There are lessons in hurt
There is power in pain
I'll bleed for this if I think there's
Something to be gained

Innocence lost?
In a sense, I guess so
I never wanted
To let you make me let you go
But I know what this is for
'Cause I'm not worried anymore

I can quietly resign
And act like your friend
While a large part of who I was
Walks into a violent end
Well, I'm out of angry
And I'm,out of sad
And I've told you enough about
The life that can be had
(I guess it's time to start living)

What else can happen
When you pray for what's right?
As wrong as this feels
I'll sleep well tonight
'Cause I know what this is for
And I'm not worried anymore

From:  Segue
Released:  May, 1998