It's all in your perspective
I thought about that in the car today
You know, how things look smaller
When you speed right by them
Hey; it's too hot to deal with this, anyway

But where was I? Right: perspective
It's all in what you look toward
From my perspective
I'd like to hear what you think
But I don't want to hear some new label
Or some new buzzword

Too much to do to do much good
If I could change, I don't know if I would
Since you can't paint a picture of me
I'll hang up a mirror where I once stood

Shine your light back on me
Readjusting what I see

I've never liked these moods, you know?
I can't even get a grasp on what I'm trying to say
I'm just looking at a reflection
Of what's upstairs
It's too hot to deal with this, anyway

From:  Big Al's Phathouse
Released:  July, 1996