White horses drift
Like chalk dust across the water
I can read the river
Well enough to get along
For all your wills and won’ts
You’ll need me ‘til you don’t
And I’m not gonnna hang around to see
How I’ve been wrong

So sleepless night
Slips into a sunless morning
With its own headache
That takes the edge off of the guilt
Of moving on alone
While you turn over stones
And gather up the scattered pieces
Of this thing we built

I know you never heard me in the end
And I was only shouting into the wind
Shouting in the wind

That steady ache
Of a blameless situation
Just enough to mark the passing time
In shades of gray
A tower made of dreams
Can trap you ‘til it seems
There’s nothing left to do but burn it down
And walk away

But how much would it matter in the end
When I’ve only been shouting into the wind?
Shouting in the wind

Your sweetness burns a bitter blue
Lights you up and draws me near
It pulls me to this darkest place
Flickers out and leaves me here
Shouting in the wind

From:  Lamplighting
Released:  December, 2019