He lived in a renovated castle
Whose aging had not been graceful
The paintings inside were as ancient as the bricks
But I don't know if I'd call them tasteful
He looked much older in person
As if he was trying to blend in with the place
"I see you found your way," he whispered to me
As the effort wrinkled his face

"Tell me your thinking," I started to say
"What's been on your mind so long?"
I stopped in my tracks when he started to laugh
And sounded surprisingly strong
"You've been misled; you got me all wrong
I ran out of words years and years ago
At one time I thought I might win the long run
But too many red lights made me too slow"

I thought I knew him a little bit better than that
So I asked him why he was lying
"Because the truth always takes too much time
And my faith in you people is dying
All I ever wanted was to tell you a story -
To let you get away for awhile
But the pedestal you raised for me got to high to climb down
And you robbed me of all my style"

From:  Big Al's Phathouse
Released:  July, 1996