The faces I know still surround me
Though time tries to keep them away
Distances of space and interests
Rearranged by come-what-may
Years can't wear away those eyes
Whatever else they may try

A box of images on the floor
Chemicals and memories
Organized in categories
Shape-shifting friends and families
I don't recognize my face
Who's standing there in my place?

Am I what you thought I'd be?
Can you tell me, my dear?
Changes crash through subtly
'Til suddenly I'm here

The path I walk is so familiar
Though it's been too long to call routine
Gone from baby steps to climbing mountains
To leaps of faith in the time between
Well, I feel a part of this
Look what you might have missed!

Over and over
On these trips we go
Somewhere to sometime
To someplace I don't know

The shoes I wear, they are my father's
And in some places they fit too tight
But I've stood here long enough to realize
If I can fill them, I've done something right
I've been on this road awhile
Keep up with me on this mile


From:  1100111000
Released:  November, 2000