O' say, can u see me?
I don't really see u
You're staring up here -
What'cha want me 2 do?
Now, u waited in line
And I'm taking a cue
Looking over the edge
At the fortunate few
'Cause I'm a superstar

Well, I got more protection
Than a Sherman tank
But, I'm happy to say
I'm #1 at the bank
Sometimes it's not so bad
Being a superstar

No, little cutie
I ain't drinking
But I'm looking at the eyes
And my stomach is sinking
They're always watching
And never blinking
Coming out here tonight
Tell me - why was I thinking
Like a superstar?

Well, I love u
When I'm above u
But, I'm sorry to say
I'm scared of u
It ain't always easy
Being a superstar

From:  Segue
Released:  May, 1998