Hidden messages in signs along the freeway
Made up from the letters that burned out
Loaded question from an accidental asker:
“Is this really what your life’s about?”

Claiming a peak that’s always just out of reach
When the valley’s so low, the climb so rough
Afraid that the weight of years will wear you down
‘Til nothing feels too bad or good enough

Seemed like more when you were younger -
Eyes out the window, heart in your mouth
Knocked around, you cut off your dreams
To spite your soul and soon headed south

So often, the ID thieves and hangers-on
They manage to monopolize the day
And for every time they drag you down to this point
You’re surprised at what you gave to stay

Gone away, she’s gone away
But, of course, you know
She’s surely out there still
Gone away, she’s gone away
And though you could not keep her
Someone else surely will
The echo of her voice is all she left to hold
Caught by the tape recorder, stopped from growing old
History and heartbreak, regret in solid-state
11:55 - just missed her at the gate

Aching starts behind your eyes and swells like feedback
The crest of a wave that could split glass
Afraid that the weight of miles will wear you down
You turn around under the overpass

Patina of noise and flutter
Starting to color your way-back-when
Lost in that magnetic moment
Rewound and played again and again

From:  Somewhere Close to Near
Released:  March, 2009