Wheels down and into the city
Roads web out like fractured windshield glass
Stretching through the shells of industry
To separate you from your history

Move on, two soles to the pavement
Concrete stream of the rush-hour class
Maybe there’s no better place to be
Than huddled in your anonymity
Waiting for the storm to pass
‘Cause now the crowded streets
Resonate like sympathetic strings
Wind you up ‘til you’re a coiled spring
And your heart begins to sing

Half a waking dream
With half a chance to see it through
Half a hesitation
And one step into the blue

Drawn out by the strength of numbers
Find your way up from the underground
Maybe it’s enough to start again
To cut away the loss and shed that skin
She’s not gonna come around
But now the crowded streets
Echo as the bells begin to ring
Gather speed like moments on the wing
This could really be something

Cameras on the corners
Claim the time that gets away
Reconstruct your life from
Stolen pieces of the day

From:  Mainland Static
Released:  May, 2014