Cut back all the weeds
That had grown through the floor
Filled in a few walls
That weren’t there anymore
I’m better than I was
Maybe not what I used to be
Especially at night
When the quiet gets the best of me

No heralding wind
For an oncoming train
It’s heavy and dark
But it’s out of the rain
Some days you cross my mind
But those are thoughts I can’t allow
‘Cause if there’s blame to spread
You know I could have found it by now

Got to cauterize the past
It’s the only way to last
In the exclusion zone

The day the sun touched the ground
The day the forest took back the street
The day it all turned around
Should have watched what I wished for
The loneliness takes my breath

This shell of my home        
Echoes laughter and tears
Stopped counting the time
Since someone knew me here
Seems like a waste to pay
Attention to all that tension
Whatever happened then
Here and now is my own invention

Sticking to the substantive
It’s the only way to live
In the exclusion zone

From:  Somewhere Close to Near
Released:  March, 2009