Evening in a sleepy town
The implication of a sunset on your skin
At least you got to know him
Before you got to nowhere
Worth going again
A hundred different languages
But people tend to use the same three dozen words
And you need a cup of quiet
To pour over the awkward
Last sentences that you heard

11:51, gate 4A
767 rolls down the runway
Starlight blurred to a smoggy gray
You're not sure what you left today
But you know it's not home

Twilight of a midnight's end
The expectation of a sunrise through the blinds
But you find it's not so easy
To fake a second chance
He may be out of sight, but he's not out of your mind
A hundred different passages
Roadsigns tell your fortune every mile
But it's nothing worth repeating
And you begin to wonder
If you'll ever learn to smile

How long can you be strong?
Why now? Who will show you how?

11:51, exit 4A
Smoke-scented rent-a-car rolls down the highway
The sunlight burns through the smoggy gray
You're not sure where you are today
But you know it's not home
Ain't no place like home

(Santiago, Chile)

From:  Tweak
Released:  October, 1999