It's cold tonight
So I made a fire
And stared at the flames
'Til I couldn't see
Nothing's right
And you're feeling tired
I tried to console you
But you wouldn't listen to me

What was the spark
That finally lit your fuse?
Something you heard
That made you so mad
You're in the dark
Alone and confused
You're striking out against
Whatever hurt you so bad

The tightrope you're on is starting to fray
Watch your step so it doesn't break
Don't look down and don't lose your nerve
And please don't you fall
'Cause there is too much at stake

The smoke in the air
Makes your eyes hazy
You never believed
That it would come to this
Don't you know
You can make yourself crazy
When your "what ifs"
Weigh more than what is?

From:  Big Al's Phathouse
Released:  July, 1996