Candlelit waitresses glide down the stairs
Through the space heaters that circle the bar
Single-malt distractions don’t do the trick
I’m still aware of how distant you are

All alone with time to kill
On an uphill slide downhill

Pictures of tourists taken by tourists
All of those cameos we must have made
What do we look like when our guard is down,
Caught in a smile, or when our nerves are frayed?

Fighting for the bitter thrill
On an uphill slide downhill

Years are sand-dollar currency
Invested in our memories
They crumble and catch the wind
I hope we’ll have more to spend

Blood on our fingers, there’s blood on our tongues
Tough to recall all the damage we’ve done
Held fast to this ground by my own headstrong
Feet that failed me when I wanted to run

And your love keeps me here still
Through an uphill slide downhill

From:  Memory Device
Released:  March, 2006