You left the television on
I guess it's company
Though late-night black-and-whites
Have never been my cup of tea
You left the water boiling
And by now, it's mostly steam
I guess disappearing into thin air
Has become your latest theme

You want me off your case
You wanted me replaced
Well, if you don't want my time
Why do you want my space?

You left a note on the bookshelf
It's the strangest thing
To try and read behind the letters
When the page is more interesting
You left the window open
And the rain got on the floor
And if the ghosts break into my house again
I'll change the locks on the door

You want me off your case
And you want to be replaced
But if you don't want my time
Then you can't have my space

From:  Segue
Released:  May, 1998