Recorded, mixed, and aged in the barrel by Stephen Rippy at:
Big Al Productions Studios (Plano, TX)  January, 2010 - April, 2014

Strings and additional overdubs recorded by Andrew Dudman with Paul Pritchard at:
Abbey Road Studio 2 (London, UK)

Cover design and photography by Stephen Rippy
Band photograph by Carmen Swanger

Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Acoustic, Electric, and Mrs. Mills Pianos, Basses
Celeste, Drum Kit, Mandolin, Melodica, Organ, Percussion, Programming, Synthesizers, Vocals

STRINGS (02, 04, 05, 09)
Mark Berrow, Patrick Kiernan, Boguslaw Kostecki, Rita Manning, Everton Nelson,  Emlyn Singleton (Violins)
Peter Lale, Andy Parker, Edward Vanderspar, Bruce White (Violas)
Dave Daniels, Martin Loveday (Cellos), Chris Laurence (Bass)

Isobel Griffiths (Orchestra Contractor), Lucy Whalley (Assistant Orchestra Contractor)
Stan LePard (Conductor and Orchestrator), Everton Nelson (Orchestra Leader)

Many thanks:  Marisol, Ellen, and Daniel Rippy, Colette Barber, Greg Ferraiolo, Peter Lyster-Todd, and Charlotte Matthews

Music and words by Stephen Rippy (ASCAP)
“Thanks for listening!”