Basic tracks (02, 05) recorded at Lynch Auditorium, University of Dallas (Irving, TX)
Additional recording (02) at Sound Asleep Studios (Allen, TX)
Basic track (03) recorded at Hope Chapel (Austin, TX)
Basic track (07) recorded on the porch of Sound Asleep Studios (Allen, TX)
Basic track (08) recorded The Ladies' Room (Dallas, TX)
Basic track (10) recorded at Music Lab (Austin, TX)

Cover art by Stephen Rippy
Band photograph by Chris Rippy

Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Bass, Drum Kit
Mandolin, Percussion, Programming, Synthesizers, Vocals, Wine Glasses

Additional Musicians:
TODD BIVINS:  Electric Guitar (04, 08, 09); BRYAN HEHMANN:  Trumpet (08)
BILL JACKSON:  Bass (02, 04, 05, 09); KEVIN McMULLAN:  Acoustic Guitar (3,) Drum Kit (04, 09, 10)
CHRIS PAINE:  Electric Guitar (10); CATHERINE PRICE:  French Horn (03)
CHRIS RIPPY:  Bass (08); Electric Guitar (02, 05, 07); Harmonica (07)
DAVID RIPPY:  Bass (07); MARISOL RIPPY:  Handclaps (02)
MATT STANBERRY:  Drum Kit (02, 05, 08)
AMANDA WALKER:  Hammer Dulcimer (03); Violin (03)

Thanks very much:  Todd Bivins, Bryan Hehmann, Bill Jackson, Kevin McMullan, Catherine Price
Chris Rippy, David Rippy, India Stanberry, Matt Stanberry, and Amanda Walker
Special thanks to Marisol, Queen of Common Time

Music and words by Stephen Rippy (ASCAP)
“Thanks for listening!”